About Us


Greg Booysen was involved in two projects where commissioning was required to the CIBSE standard. At that time the only suitably qualified CIBSE consultants were based in the UK and this posed various challenges for the local industry.

Cardinal Commissioning Services (Pty) Ltd was formed in January 2011 to address the need for dedicated CIBSE and ASHRAE commissioning management for the construction industry.

What we do

Commissioning Management has gained prominence in the recent past due to the Green Building requirements. In order to achieve the required star rating for a building, it is necessary to commission the building systems to the CIBSE* or ASHRAE** 0-2005 standards.

Cardinal Commissioning Services provides commissioning management based on the CIBSE code M – Management principles. The CIBSE codes provide specific codes predominantly for the mechanical disciplines however these codes have sections that may be applied to all the services. CIBSE code M and the intent of the commissioning codes i.e. structure and methodology is applied to services such as electrical systems where no specific code exists. ASHRAE 0-2005 provides a similar Commissioning Management structure which is orientated more to mechanical services but can be applied to all services.


Cardinal Commissioning Services strives to be provide commissioning management that is on a par with the best international commissioning companies and standards while taking into account the requirements and needs of the local industry.

Cardinal Commissioning Services, Greg Booysen is a member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and as such abides by and upholds the Code of Professional Conduct. Integrity, trust and responsibility are the foundations of our relationships with our clients.

Cardinal Commissioning Services will become the premier Commissioning Management company in South Africa by delivering buildings commissioned properly, on time and within budget.

Due to the shortage and lack of skills in the diverse range of building services in South Africa, Cardinal Commissioning Services is in the process of implementing a mentoring initiative for young graduate engineers of all the relevant disciplines. The initiative will utilise all segments of the industry from Consulting Engineers, equipment suppliers and manufacturers and installation contractors to provide both financial support as well as training. The purpose of this initiative is to build up a pool of skilled and trained engineers who are available for any contract work or full time employment as required. An integral part of the initiative is to invite retired Engineers to mentor the young Engineers thereby imparting their wealth of irreplaceable knowledge to the next generation. The pool of young and retired Engineers will be available to Cardinal Commissioning Services to address any project requiring commissioning.


Cardinal Commissioning Services has successfully commissioned every building which it was appointed to commission. We have provided guidance to professional teams for improving designs for system commissionability and ease of maintenance. We have provided management of, and documentation for services that traditionally do not have this. Cardinal Commissioning Services has actively encouraged property developers to follow the CIBSE commissioning protocols as the benefits are tangible and measurable.

The primary objective of the company is to provide focused, practical, accurate and relevant commissioning processes for building systems.


34 Sint Maarten, 21 Montega Close, Sunninghill, Johannesburg